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Episode 6

Published on:

2nd Nov 2016

006 -Nevil Tynemouth: Increasing Your Sales Success


Nevil Tynemouth - Author, International Speaker, Coach and Workshop facilitator.

Nevil was involved in launching two of the UK’s most familiar brands in Dyson and BlackBerry. He has worked as part of FTSE100 companies management teams for over a decade and in sales for 25 years. Working at BT, Nevil designed, launched and lead a new sales coaching programme for over 400 colleagues from General Manager to frontline salespeople and this programme is still in place and being used to great effect. He is a director at New Results Training, home to 2013-14 British Sales Trainer of the year.

Sharing his own journey, methods and approach, Nevil is helping business people go from good to great, progressing their own successful careers. Being at the sharp end of sales has given Nevil a great depth and breadth of experience making his seminars come to life, inspiring and motivating his audience. Blending theory, his own personal experience, and interactive exercises, supporting his audiences in finding their own ideas and creating their own paths.

Nevil is the author of “Sales Success on LinkedIn” and is recognised as an excellent facilitator, bringing new ideas, methods and approaches to life for those he works with. Inspiring business owners, directors and their teams with the real world practical tools while getting individuals and businesses fired up, focussed and understanding the behavioural shifts to achieve success. Creating highly effective, high impact tools that people can use is key in both Nevil’s seminars and workshops. Inspiring the next and supporting the now through tried and tested methods while challenging the norm, the accepted and “folklore” that has built up in sales and business.


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LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/neviltynemouth

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Website: http://www.newresultstraining.co.uk

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