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Episode 8

Published on:

16th Nov 2016

008 - Dave Algeo: Don't Sweat the Sprouts

Dave Algeo, self-styled Stressed Guru works with teams, leaders and individuals to develop resilience and wellbeing.  He speaks and trains hundreds of people each year and is renowned for providing culture and mindset shifting results in public and private sector organisations.  Dave has written a number of books including 
  • Mastering Negative Stress
  • The Book of Calm
  • From Alan to Helen - A journey through time and gender

and has a guided relaxation audio entitled "The Time-Out Toolkit"

Dave is offering listeners an exclusive time-limited chance to receive both his "Emergency Stress CPR" e-book giving his six steps to less stress and his book "Book of Calm" ebook worth $9.99 free, by clicking her www.timeouttoolkit.com

Favourite App: Text Expander, Hazel 
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